1941 Russia

Operation Barbarossa

         June 22, 1941     This is the start of the largest and most important land campaign of WWII.  This is the big one, the day Germany went to war with Russia.  In less than four years, Germany will be in ruins and Stalin will stand triumphant despite losses of more than 20 million of his countrymen killed in what will be called the Great Patriotic War.
         This page will include Tables of Organization for the beginning of this conflict as well as some additional material to cover the fighting through the end of the year, at which time things will change as the Germans refit and the Russians stage their first big counterattack.  Only units which fought on the Russian front in this time period will be included.  Below are a few supplemental units along with some notes.  Please download the zip file for the full resolution sheets. Please note that after the Germans and Russians is a section containing other minor axis partners.


Supplemental Units.zip
German 1941 notes.pdf
Russian 1941 notes.pdf

Tables of Organization

          I present the following tables of organization for the Germans and Russians.  Though the German information is not too difficult to find, the Russians are not so easy.  Though the information exists, much of it is still in Russian.  I have plowed through some such material and translated enough to extract some useful info out of it.  Some is best guesswork.  Hopefully players will get some good use out of it.

                                                                German Army                  Russian Army

1st Panzer
2nd Panzer   
3rd Panzer        
4th Panzer   
5th Panzer       
6th Panzer 
7th Panzer 
8th Panzer    
9th Panzer   
10th Panzer   
11th Panzer 
12th Panzer       
13th Panzer         
14th Panzer   
16th Panzer     
17th Panzer     
18th Panzer 
19th Panzer 
20th Panzer
Flame Battalions 
Motorized Infantry 
Lehr Brigade 900  
Gross Deutschland Regt 
SS Reich  
SS Totenkopf   
SS Wiking      
SS Polizei  
SS Kampfgruppe Nord  
SS Reichsfuhrer Brigade 1   
SS Reichsfuhrer Brigade 2 
Infantry 1st Wave 
Infantry 2nd Wave  
Infantry 3rd Wave  
Infantry 4th Wave 
Infantry 5th Wave 
Infantry 7th Wave 
Infantry 8th Wave
Infantry 11th Wave
Infantry 12th Wave   
1st Cavalry 
1st Mountain 
4th Mountain 


1st Mech Corps
2nd Mech Corps
3rd Mech Corps
4th Mech Corps
5th Mech Corps
6th Mech Corps
7th Mech Corps
8th Mech Corps
9th Mech Corps
10th Mech Corps
11th Mech Corps
12th Mech Corps
13th Mech Corps
14th Mech Corps
15th Mech Corps
16th Mech Corps
18th Mech Corps
19th Mech Corps
20th Mech Corps
22nd Mech Corps
23rd Mech Corps
24th Mech Corps
25th Mech Corps
Tank Division (July 1941)
Tank Brigade (August 1941)
Tank Brigade (December 1941)
Infantry Division (June 1941)
Infantry Division (August 1941)
Infantry Division (December 1941)
Cavalry Division (June 1941)
Mountain Cavalry Division
Cavalry Division (July 1941)
Mountain Infantry Division
Ski Battalion


Axis Minors

Tables of Organization


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