Operation Compass

        In October of 1940, the Italian Tenth Army invaded Egypt from Libya against a much smaller Commonwealth army.  The Commonwealth forces fell back before the invading Italians, offering only token resistance.  After an advance of only 60 miles, halted mostly because of supply problems, the Italians dug in and built a series of fortified camps.  For the rest of the year, the Italians planned and then postponed a series of offensives.  In early December, the Brits attacked gaps in the Italian defense in what was supposed to be a large scale five-day raid, called Operation Compass.  The Commonwealth forces had such success that they decided to keep pushing.  Success snowballed and the entire Italian 10th Army was destroyed as the Brits and their allies advanced 500 miles, finally stopping at El Agheila after exhausting their men, machines, and supplies.

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Italian Forces          (starting locations in parentheses)

Tenth Army (headquarters at Bardia)

    Tenth Army Misc troops (Bardia)

    Babini Armored Brigade (Mechili)

    XX Corps (headquarters at Giovanni Berta)

        60th Sabratha Division (Derna)

        Libyan Group (headquarters at Sidi Barani)

            2nd Tank Group (Sidi Barani)

            1st Libica Sibella Division (Maktila)

            2nd Libica Pescatori Division (Tummar)

            Maletti Group (Nebeiwa)

            4th CCNN 3 Gennaico Division (Sidi Barrani)

    XXI Corps (headquarters at Sofafi)

        Tank Battalions (Sofafi)

        63rd Cirene Division (Rabia/Sofafi)

        64th Cantanzaro Division (Buq Buq)

    XXII Corps (headquarters at Tobruk)

        1st Tank Group (Tobruk)

        61st Sirte Division (Tobruk)

    XXIII Corps (headquarters at Bardia)

        1st CCNN 23 Marzo Division (along coast between Buq Buq and Sidi Barrani)

        2nd CCNN 28 Octobre Division (Sollum)

        62nd Marmarica Division (covering escarpment between Sofafi and Halfaya)


British and Commonwealth Forces

Western Desert Force

    Corps Troops

    7th Armored Division

    4th Indian Division

    6th Australian Division

    Selby Force




























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