Recent Updates


September25, 2016 Created new link at bottom of list on front page for rules clarifications compiled by Alan Arvold.  Can be found here.

December21, 2015  Wanted to post a Bulge scenario in honor of the 72nd Anniversary of the battle on the 16th but am still working on it.  Here is the current version Losheim Gap

October 18, 2015    Corrected stuff on Scenario PS9,  Changed Finnish SU152 to JSU152 on counter sheets

October17, 2015     Corrected an error on Scenario PS1 card for Winter War (on Russian OOB).

October 11, 2015    Updated the Winter War link with a revised article and revised scenarios by Alan Arvold plus some new counters.  The new counters on the revised counter sheet can

                                also be found here.

March 15, 2015       Just posted three new scenarios that will be played at Gamestorm this weekend.  They can be found here.

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