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        Greg asked for a short Bio, so here goes! 

        Since my first Dinky toys and on to balsa wood navies with my brother, George, I guess I have always been intrigued with things military.  We used to do war games on the floor (Terrazzo in FL) with the die cast toys and then entire navies of balsa wood.  My first official war game was AH's Tobruk I found in a bookstore in the late 1970's me in my late 20's at the time.  I'm a geographer by training (work in GIS) and have always been fascinated with the lay of the land and its affect on battles of all types.  

        My first scenario was the "Raid on Hammelburg" that appeared in one of the last Generals.  Greg has it on his website for those interested.  I introduced the Jeep MB counters to the gaming system.  (I have a 1958 CJ3B Willys Jeep)  I was really excited about taking a historical battle (event) and putting it into the PL/PB game system.  Having always been an avid reader of military history you can't help but begin to visualize the actual history into the game system.  I like to think of wargaming as a 3-D view of the history of the event including the time slice and the topography all rolled up so nicely. 

        In the mid 1990's someone said to me "some times defeats can be a learning experience also."  I took that to heart and began to study some significant military failures.  I started reading/research about Hammelburg, the Maginot Line and Dieppe.  Were they failures or were they learning experiences?  The scenarios (coming soon on Dieppe at Greg's web site) showed how powerful the PB/PL game system is to simple enhancements and extensions.  The "what ifs" and the "historical" scenarios go hand in hand to fully develop the context of the actions and battles.  One thing for sure, you don't have to make anything up.....just use the history as a guide.  Look for the rest of Maginot Line scenarios, four Dieppe scenarios coming soon and a major extension for US Marines at maps, new equipment--the amphibious tractors were truly amazing devices for warfare.     

        I hope you enjoy the work and please share your experiences with us.  Thanks to Greg for his support and comments, we both hope you enjoy the new scenarios for an old favorite!


        Peirce Eichelberger 

Hints for Creating Scenarios



Maginot Line Scenarios


Maginot Line Counter  -  A sheet of Maginot Fort counters needed for these scenarios

The Maginot Line    -    Background and information on the new counters

     Situation No. 61-1    Assault on La Ferte (Historical)

     Situation No. 61-2    German Frontal Assault on the Maginot Line -- Hackenberg Fortress (What If?)

     Situation No. 61-3    German Railroad Gun Assault on the Maginot Line (What If?)

     Situation No. 61-4    Allied Assault on the Maginot Line, 1944 (Historical)


Dieppe Invasion Scenarios

 Dieppe Counters Set

 Tank Notes   -   Some notes on the new counters

      Situation No. 41-1

      Situation No. 41-2

      Situation No. 41-3

      Situation No. 41-4