Summer of '42 on the Russian Front

          In the winter of 1941/42, the German Army in Russia had suffered not only from the bitter cold but also from a large Russian winter offensive which had mostly halted the German strategic offensive in its tracks.  By summer, with the mud of the spring thaw finally behind them, the Germans decided to mount a major offensive in the south to regain the initiative and to capture the Caucasus oil fields and secure naval bases on the Black Sea.  The name of this operation was Case Blue (Fall Blau).  Even with German tank production increasing in not only quantity but in quality, all the panzer divisions on the Russian front were severely depleted in tank strength.  To make Case Blue work,  the panzer divisions involved would have to have more tanks.  The Germans solved this problem by stripping whole panzer battalions from the divisions not involved in the offensive. These battalions were then added to the panzer and motorized infantry divisions in the south.  Below is the distribution of the panzer and motorized infantry divisions on the Russian front at the start of Case Blue on June 28, 1942.  Please click on the individual divisions to see their composition and number and type of tanks.

1942 Supplemental Counters

Notes on counters

Tanks in 1942

German Formations

Panzer Divisions in 1942

German Infantry Division 1942

German Jäger Divisions 1942

German mobile units below

Army Group North


        8th Panzer

        12th Panzer

        18th Motorized Infantry

        20th Motorized infantry


Army Group Center


        1st Panzer

        2nd Panzer

        4th Panzer

        5th Panzer

        17th Panzer

        18th Panzer

        19th Panzer

        20th Panzer

        10th Motorized Infantry

        14th Motorized Infantry

        25th Motorized Infantry

        36th Motorized Infantry


Army Group South


        3rd Panzer

        6th Panzer (arrived later)

        9th Panzer

        11th Panzer

        13th Panzer

        14th Panzer

        16th Panzer

        22nd Panzer

        23rd Panzer

        24th Panzer

        3rd Motorized Infantry

        16th Motorized Infantry

        29th Motorized Infantry

        60th Motorized Infantry

        SS Wiking Motorized Infantry

        Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry



Russian Formations


Tank Corps April 1942

Tank Corps July 1942

Mechanized Corps 1942

Infantry Division March 1942

Infantry Division July 1942

Infantry Division December 1942

Guards Infantry Division December 1942

Cavalry Division 1942





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