1938 Czechoslovakia

Case Green, the Czech Campaign of 1938

         Though WWII in Europe started when Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939,  it could just as easily have started a year earlier on September 28, 1938 when Germany marched into western Czechoslovakia.  The very capable Czech army was ready to resist but a political deal caused the Czech Government to order their army to lay down its arms and give up half the country, including nearly all the fortified areas.  Six months later on March 15, the Germans occupied the rest.  However, some interesting battles could have ensued if there had been a fight.  I offer the following three countersheets for use (all in zipped PDF format).  These include all (we think) PB/PL counters needed to represent the Czech Army in 1938 and the Slavik Army from 1939-1945, which fought for the Germans in Poland and Russia. Also included are early war German units for use in Czechoslovakia and Poland (and a few should be used against France).  This effort is a joint venture between Byron Henderson and myself, Greg Moore.  Though I created the countersheets, Byron's invaluable input, critique, and gentle nudging have been instrumental in seeing this project through.  Also I have benefitted greatly from Ward McBurney as my work is but an imitation of his own. His very excellent work can be seen at the Imaginative Strategist.

                                                         Please download the zip files below to get the full resolution sheets.


Germans.zip  -  early German tanks and infantry
Germans notes.pdf  -  notes on the early war German units

Czechs.zip   -  the Czech Army of 1938

Czechs notes.pdf  -   notes on the Czech units

Czechs/Germans.zip  - The rest of the Czechs and Germans on one sheet.

Also includes counters for the later war Slovakian Army fighting on the Russian Front in support of their German allies.


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